someone took a picture of my license plate should I be worried

What Happens If Someone Reports Your License Plate?

People rarely report license plates for the sake of it. If your license plate is reported, there is a burning issue. People may report license plates of good Samaritans who help them change tires. They can report license plates of cars on the escape after serious criminal activities. If the license plate reports have no negativity attached, there is no need to get scared. Yet, when the reports are violations of traffic laws or crime-related, expect a call from the law enforcement officers. Calls from the law enforcers aren’t the only things that happen when someone reports your license plate. So what will actually happen when your license place is reported? Let’s find out.

What Happens If Someone Reports Your License Plate to Police?

Once your vehicle number gets reported, the investigation process begins. If the report didn’t implicate you in any crime, the police won’t call or reach out. If it’s a crime-related report, the law enforcers will reach out to you to hear your part of the story. The law enforcers may visit you in person if you live near the police station. To convict you, they must provide you with details of the violation. It could be documented evidence, witnesses, photos, and other details. The police will then make their report once they hear from you. You may be fined for the traffic violations. In the worst-case scenario, they may confiscate your driver’s license.

The police can’t conclude a reported case without hearing from you. You have the legal right to dismiss the reports. However, you must ascertain beyond doubt that you weren’t involved in the violation. If not, you must give the police valid accounts of what transpired. Remember, the police understand that some people can deliberately report others for no valid reason. So, they will rarely handle violations based on vehicle number reports. That’s unless there is a serious crime or accident involved. Many license plate reports are minor traffic errors that cannot be used as a basis for convicting the violator.

What If I Was Reported for Reckless Driving?

Little to nothing happens when someone reports your license plate for reckless driving. Traffic lawsuits aren’t handled on matters of emotions and mere assumptions. Unless the person reporting your car number plate for reckless driving has collected adequate evidence, the case won’t go far. In truth, while many people are touched when they see you driving recklessly, they lack the courage to report the cases. The few who report the claims are not ready to undergo the intricate process to prove your involvement. It’s not all about providing evidence but also standing as a witness in a court of law. Very few people have the time and readiness to go through such.

So, you don’t have to worry if someone has reported your number plate for reckless driving. All legal accusations must be accompanied by proof. Even if someone takes photos and videos of you over-speeding and reports your number plate, it’s not a strong basis for a traffic lawsuit. For a conviction to take place after the report, the person reporting you must prove you were the one behind the wheels. In today’s world of tinted car windows, it’s hard to tell who is inside a car.

You would rarely face serious trouble unless the reckless driving resulted in a car crash that claimed lives. Besides, it’s hard for someone to commit so much time to a case that doesn’t concern them directly. License plate cases are rare unless you hurt the person or have unresolved grudges. And when you face a charge, you always have the right to dismiss the case and prove your innocence.

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Can you Get a Ticket if Someone Reports Your License Plate?

Yes, you can get a ticket. However, it’s not something that happens overnight. The person accusing you of wrongdoing must give evidence to support their claims. The case judge must be convinced that you’re guilty of the violations. To rephrase it, when someone reports your license plate, the police start an investigation. When they feel that the complainant has a case and can stand before a jury to prove it, they will lay charges against you.

The basis for the investigation must be breaking traffic laws or committing a crime. It could be driving too close to another driver or driving recklessly. It could also be a case of hitting other drivers or passengers and running away. You can also be charged for dangerously operating a car per country laws. When the basis of the cases is mere reports, the police can’t justify the claims. In that case, the jury must single out facts from the telltales.

How Police Deal with Reports of Misconduct

When the police get reports of your road misconduct, they will write down a statement and send a ticket to your email. However, you’re only issued a ticket when the police have looked at both sides. The stories from the other party are just unconfirmed reports. The police have to investigate the matter and only issue you a ticket when they feel you have a case to answer. The party that reported you must be ready to stand before a jury as a witness. They must be able to identify you as the driver in a court of law.

When another party reports your number plate to the police, it does not automatically become a case to answer. So many dynamics are put into consideration before you’re called to confirm the claim. First, the law enforcers must investigate the matter to know the offense committed. They will contact you if they feel you have a case to answer. After hearing your side of the story, they can give you a ticket. Rarely do such cases go far.